Primer on TITAN X-Risks

Common TITAN Threat Vectors

Basilisk Hack – A short-circuit of the ego though audio-visual patterns, at its simplest it can incapacitate an individual almost immediately. Substantially more complex and subtle hacks exist, but require more time to work.
Digital Virus – This is a purely digital medium for transmission, analogous to biological viruses.
Exsurgent Virus – Capable of transmission on all vectors, this most dangerous of TITAN attacks takes over the mind of its host, turning them into an immediate threat.
Fractal – Fractals are made up of branching nanotubes with assemblers at their tips. They can construct or destroy anything in a fraction of the time fabbers do, can take any form needed, and are extremely resilient to damage.
Nanoplague – Nanoswarms will physically rearrange morphs, or any object, at the molecular level, generally in a pre-determined pattern .
Nanoswarm – Diffuse and intelligent, these self-replicating swarms can assemble into any form, are extremely difficult to detect when in a cloud, and are all but impossible to eradicate.
Nanovirus – These attacks radically alter the target by re-writing its biology, and can affect mental states as well as the physical. Generally they work over the span of hours.

Known Nanovirus Plagues

Melder – Breaks down living tissue into bio-synthetic mesh, augmenting any existing constructs.
Metastasizer – Reprograms cells for rapid, uncontrolled division, this is sometimes informally called ‘super cancer’.
Necrotizer – Relentlessly breaks down cells into their base amino acids, until the target can no longer function.
Neuropath – Attacks brain cells, erratically rewriting the neuchemistry of the target. The mental damage done is irreversible, and continues to deteriorate over days until eventual brain death.
Petrifier – Rearranges the carbon throughout the body into crystalline latices until either cognition or movement is impossible.
Uzumaki – Lesions and growths appear on the skin and expand, until the body erupts with thorns, and eventually, vines of flesh. This process continues long after the target is clinically dead.

Identified Exsurgent Strains

Haunting Virus – Thought to be the primordial basis of the Exsurgent Virus, this strain re-works a host’s personality over months, in ways that seem natural to the host, until they are wholly under its programming.
Mindstealer Virus – A quick acting, brutish version of the Haunting strain, it is immediately obvious, but will take control of its host within minutes.
Watts-Macleod Virus – An unexplained, seemingly benevolent strain, it confers the async abilities common to the Exsurgent virus, without taking away autonomy.
Xenomorph Virus – Unique in that it will re-write physiology as well as mental states, this strain has an otherwise similar profile to the Haunting Virus.

Primer on TITAN X-Risks

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