Flats – A human with no genetic modification or implants at all. Most were destroyed in the Fall.
Splicers – Has had basic genefixing. The majority of transhumanity are in splicers.
Exalts – Genetically optimized, multi-purpose morph. Many specialized morphs are based on Exalts.
Mentons – Optimized for cognition, abstract thinking, and language skills.
Olympians – The morph choice of atheletes, they have enhanced endurance, coordination, and flexibility.
Sylphs – They are the most socially pleasing and attractive morph, and even come standard with a sanitized metabolism.
Bouncers – This morph comes with opposable toes, and is used in zero-G conditions.
Furies – Unrivaled combat morphs, these are typically made female to better curb unwanted aggression.
Ghosts – Optimized for stealth and infiltration, with a secondary focus on combat.
Hibernoids – Morphs capable of going into hibernation cycles. Used mostly by space ship crews.
Neotenics – These morphs stop physically aging around 10; these are typically chosen to conserve resources on a habitat.
Futuras – Quick-growth Exalt variant, exclusively used in the Lost Generation experiment.
Remade – A complete re-engineering of the human form, they are just different enough to seem slightly inhuman.
Rusters – This morph is tailored to survival in the Martian outback.
Neo-Avians – Morph used by uplifted crows, ravens, and parrots.
Neo-Hominids – Morph used by uplifted chimpanzees, gorillas, and orangutans.
Octomorphs – Morph used by uplifted octopodes.


Pleasure Pods – Pretty much what they sound like, they feature clean metabolisms, vocal chords for purring, and a sex switch.
Worker Pods – Worker pods are employed for manual labor, especially in areas where synthmorphs are looked down upon.
Novacrab – Based on an enlarged spider crab, these pods are used in hazardous work environments and zero-G labor, as well as law enforcement.

Synthetic Morphs

Case – Low-quality morphs that were mass-produced to sleeve infogees. These are gradually becoming phased out.
Synth – A humanoid synthmorph, these are often used for labor in no-oxygen environments, or by those who cannot afford a biomorph.
Arachnoids – 8-legged, segmented morph with thruster jets and cabling for zero-G environments.
Dragonfly – Equipped with multiple arms and wings, they can fly almost silently.
Flexbots – A very expensive, small, modular morph that can reconfigure itself, or combine with other flexbots to facilitate larger scale tasks.
Reaper – A cutting-edge combat droid, typically operated by a remote soldier or AGI.
Slitheroids – A snake-like body with retractable arms, these morphs are highly flexible.
Swarmanoid – A morph made up of hundreds of insect-sized machines, with distributed computing power.

Other Morphs

Infomorph – A consciousness instantiated as a pure digital construct.


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