In and Around Locus


The Shell – The conical centerpiece of Locus, it has people flying all around it, taking advantage of the zero-g environment for speedy travel. In the middle is the Amoeba, a nano-art fixture whose changing form is controlled by a pre-sentient AI.
Blue Pod – The single largest art commune on Locus, it focuses on AI-driven art and other pieces not possible fifty years ago.
Boister’s Armory – A cache of both weapons and weapon knowledge. The researchers there focus on large-scale weaponry, though there is enthusiasm for any size of project.
Kanigawa Falls – A massive plant and algae farm, and the module that consumes the single most power on Locus. In return it supplies abundant oxygen as well as high-nutrition crops and even some old Earth relic plants.
Rooktown – A large neighborhood for neo-corvids, it was built as a place to share both raven-inspired human art as well as uniquely corvid culture. The residents work hard to show the community the large investment in space was worthwhile to the station, and many excellent programmers and pilots hail from Rooktown.
The Pill Box – Part laboratory, part crash space, this is the home of the Freeq Collective, people who push the envelope on nanodrugs, hallucinogens, and anything that’ll send you on a trip. There’s always people coming and going, but a core of ten members are the brains behind the research.

Trojan Habitats

Catal Hayuk – A re-creation of what human life was like 10,000 years ago, it features such throwbacks as live birth, flat morphs, and psychosurgery to excise modern knowledge. Unlike most retrogressive habs, Catal Hayuk welcomes infomorph visitors to observe and see if they want to take up residence.
Locus – The single largest anarchist habitat, Locus attracts a diverse populus, from open-source engineers, to anti-capitalists, to the displaced. It is the major staging ground between the AA, the Planetary Consortium, and the Jovians, and has a history of violent engagements.
Respect – Respect is run by uplifts, but unlike mercurial habs, is intended as a habitat where humans and uplifts can co-exist and combine their cultures. Unlike many in the Trojans, their government is a representative democracy with a transitional economy.
Turing – This colony was founded as a processor locus, with marginal guest modules for biomorphs. It was nuked by unknown parties in 2AF, with Jovians as the most suspected party. Mercurial AGI in the Trojans have instituted an unofficial day of mourning for Turing.
Winter – As opposed to the genderqueer anarchist movement, the brinkers of Winter have taken to the opposite extreme of equality: androgynous, genderless morphs. Their unusual relationships and reproductive norms have made them a curiosity to some, and several more genderless habs are popping up elsewhere.

Greek Habitats

C Squat – Originally an extropian company, Trojan Metals, dug out this beehive habitat, but when they left due to credit problems, anarchists and scum squatters were quick to fill the void. Disagreements on who now has the rights to the asteroid are causing tensions within the AA.
Casa Arturo – A small think-tank of rocket scientists and engineers, the facility is fairly bare bones aside from a massive shipyard. They supply many people in the Greeks with ships, as well as run a local courier service.
Exarchia – Waging their own war of information, Exarchia is dedicated to hacktivist activity. They have been targeted by mesh attacks by corporations and governments in retaliation for embarrassment or leaked data, but so far it has not escalated beyond that.
Lot 49 – The last pit stop between the Outer System and the Main Belt as well as between the Greeks and Trojans, it’s a bustling hub for anarchist gossip and travel.

In and Around Locus

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