Anarchists, Extropians, and the Scum

Three out of the four major factions in the AA can be called anarchists, in the classical sense, with each following a different ideological branch. Anarcho-syndicalists, simply called ‘anarchists’, the anarcho-capitalists, called Extropians, and the anarcho-individualists, called ‘scum’. What follows is a listing of common self-identifying factions and communities.

Anarchist Groups

All Queer – A group that promotes the abandonment of binary gender and sex roles, and explores non-standard morphs and practicses. They argue that transhumanity must become completely ‘genderfucked’ to truly be an equal society.
Black Marshal’s Brigade – What started as a group of social workers and third-party adjudicators became an investigative body within the AA, and specialize in retrieving hypercorp infiltrators or ego-criminals who flee to the Inner system.
Blue Rose – Revolutionaries who fight to promote anarchism in the Jovian Republic and the Inner System. They rarely engage in direct action; instead they are experts at subverting memes and planning for the time when revolutionary change has come from within.
C.R.A.M. – Standing for Cienfuegos Revolutionary Anarchist Movement, they work in non-autonomous habitats to encourage dissent, stronger unions, and anything else to weaken hierarchical societies. They are classed as a terrorist organization by the Consortium, the LLA, and the Junta.
Company of Equals – Mostly made up of ex-Chinese dissidents, they blend Taoist teaching with anarchist philosophy, and operate on non-autonomous habitats to help people wishing to escape these places, as well as anarchists travelling in the area.
Lingg’s Words – The most militant of the insurrectionist groups, they claim to fight the battles that no one else can or will fight. They have pulled off several devestating bombings and sabotage operations around the inner system.
Love and Rage – Operating out of Chat Noir, these are the overseers of the Fissure Gate, the only autonomous Pandora gate in Sol. It is made up of scientists, explorers, and other volunteers from throughout anarchist space.
Sabate Swarm – A volunteer navy, it is the closest thing anarchists have to a united military force. Many of their ships were originally Consortium owned, but after the Second Battle of Locus, few have tried to reclaim them.
The Charcoal Tower – The largest open-source, informal education system in the system, they eschew tests for individual training and evaluation in almost every field.
The JACs – An underground group hiding somewhere near Jupiter, they make it a point to harass and hinder the Junta whenever possible. They are featured heavily as a villain in Jovian proaganda.
Zerzan’s Brood – The most famous anarcho-primitive tribe, they have carried out attacks scientists, nanotech labs, and mesh servers, seemingly not discriminating between political factions.

Extropian Philosophies

Libertarians – Believing in a market free of all state interference, they replace public services with competing businesses and laws are regulated by private legal entities. They do, however, strongly support a principle of non-aggression, and will band together against violence.
Mutualists – Rejecting the idea of unused land or property as “owned”, Mutualists are very close to anarcho-syndicalists, except they do support money as a quantification of labor value. Many outsiders view them and Libertarians as almost indistinguishable.
Objectivists – These are the Extropians even the other Extropians hate. Their philosophy of extreme self-interest and rejection of all business ethics is uncomfortably close to vicious social Darwinism, and they typically do business out of their own, small habitats.
Utilitarians – These are the more pragmatically minded of the Extropians, seeing free capitalism as having neither the oppressive laws that allow the abuses of hypercapitalism, while having a less optimistic view of human nature, especially on the issue of laziness, than the anarchists do.
Isolationists – These are the types who just want to be left alone, who have no interest in politics or interference, and find life freest in the free market. Though sometimes viewed as dangerous or anti-social, most Extropians respect their desire to disconnect from unwanted socializing.

Scum Fleets

Carnival of the Goat – A strange, and somewhat elitist group of hedonists and sexual deviants, they are constantly experimenting with radically sexualized morphs, forking, merging consciousness, all in the name of the next great thing.
Fool Me Once… – Wanting to push the boundaries of transhuman and AGI limits, this fleet suffered a schism, and suddenly dropped to a third of its population after infighting broke out. They will not say why, but the common rumor is that some of them were found working on seed AI.
Get Your Ass to Mars – Always redefining and creating sports, and various drugs and morphs specialized in physical tasks, they play host to a yearly Scum Olympics, which includes mech wrestling, capture the flag, and competitive gangbang.
Glitter in the Dark – This group began as a collective of South East Asian tribes and islanders, who were recognizing five distinct genders even before body switching. Now they spend their time exploring alternate gender and sex identities, going farther than even other Scum or Anarchists.
Lick Me I’m Delicious – With the stated goal of visiting every planet, moon, and habitat in the system, Lick Me I’m Delicious is currently at the Martian space stations, before heading to the Martian Trojans. Their numerous XP recordings make them unusually well-liked in the Inner System.
There’s No Going Back – Dedicated to re-living history and common fictional settings 24/7, each ship has a theme (e.g. Napoleonic France, cyberpunk Japan) and despite rampant anachronisms, they take their fictional personas very seriously, and only break character in true emergencies.

Anarchists, Extropians, and the Scum

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