A Transhuman's Guide to Vice

Major Criminal Organizations

Intelligent Design Crew – Information criminals, they focus on credit and rep fraud, fake identities, data stealing, and ego theft.
Night Cartel – Recognized as a hypercorporation in some very lenient habitats, Night Cartel run traditional organized crime rackets: prostitution, extortion, kidnapping, and drug running, among others.
Nine Lives – The most ruthless of the large crime networks, Nine Lives are soul traders. Forced forking, stealing backups, pit fights, and infoslavery are par for the course.
Pax Familae – An entire syndicate made up of descendants or modified forks of its matriarch, Pax Familae engages in financial fraud, gaming rep networks, and loan sharking.
Pirates – Not a unified faction, but a troubling trend, these criminals rob long-haul convoys or, rarely, small habitats for easy money.


The 14k Triad – The 14k run numerous rigged gambing halls and lotteries, and loan sharking as a natural extension of that.
The Shui Fong – Targeting mainly the poor and addicts, they supply drugs, illegal XPs, prostitutes, and organize underground fights.
The Sun Yee On – Blueprint and software crackers, Sun Yee On sells cracked programs thanks to their infomorph sweatshops. They do a side-business selling fake Earth artifacts to the gullible.
The Big Circle Gang – Focusing exclusively on drugs and narcoalgorithms, they manufacture and distribute anything that an ego can get addicted to.

Drugs and Chemicals

Bio-Warfare – There are a wide variety of compounds meant primarily for harm. They typically come in one of three forms: toxins, nanotoxins, and pathogens.
Combat Drugs – these drugs were made for soldiers before the Fall, but anyone with the credits or blueprint can get them now.
Nanodrugs – Designed as temporary nanobot infestations, these produce much stronger, stranger, and, sometimes, dangerous responses compared to chemical drugs.
Narcoalgorithms – These are drug simulations for non-biological life; as well as having analogues for most other drugs, there are several unique ones for synth and infolife.
Nootropics – these are substances that boost mental function.
Pharma-Foods – Products to improve diet or treat certain medical conditions.
Psi Drugs – A very new and experimental field, some drugs can dull, increase, or even temporarily grant async abilities.
Recreational Drugs – Modern recreational drugs vary in intensity and effect, but most have had long-term side effects engineered out.
Social Drugs – Triggering physical responses that in turn elicit a specific response in others, they have a wide range of applications.

A Transhuman's Guide to Vice

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