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  • Anna Durruti

    Anna has proven herself a hero to Locus by leading resistance against the Planetary Consortium incursions. Her schedule is typically full training neighborhood watches, running microgravity combat drills, and keeping the peace in the surrounding …

  • Boister

    Almost all of Locus' large-scale weapons were designed or modified by Boister. When not arming Locus militia or Firewall teams, he works on anti-TITAN equipment and research.

  • Akatsuko van Vogt

    Akatsuko began life as an uplifted dolphin, but after the Fall has been living in hominid biomorphs. Despite her preference for poetry over prose and love of Eastern medicine, she is one of the finest egocasters and psychosurgeons available.

  • Bendetta Katzenellenbogen

    Bendetta has been with Locus since the beginning, organizing construction, optimizing habitat efficiency, and getting skilled parties on board her many projects. She has an obsessive knowledge of all current and past projects, and keeps meticulous tabs …

  • Kuiper Strahnd

    After capturing a Consortium battleship, Strahnd gained a reputation not just as a sharp tactical mind, but as an leader in open-source command structures. He acts as organizer for much of Locus' navy.

  • Miyoko Batongbacal

    She was an escapee of corporate intenture, and made a name for herself whaling; mining passing asteroids. After a catastrophic accident when a nuke prematurely detonated, she has lost most of her credibility.

  • Pinpin

    One of the chief maintainers and coders of Locus' large oxygen farms, Pinpin is vocal in its support of stable growth models and preservation of the Trojans. Its tone can be uncompromising and acerbic when challenged, so it spends the majority of its …

  • Teilhard Liu

    Author of "Doctrines", the definitive autonomist guide to space warfare, Liu is a military hero of both the Fall and Locus. He keeps a very closed circle of friends, and the exact location of his habitat is unknown. He also oversees ongoing development …

  • Leitia Barrow

    A member of Blue Pod, as well as the All Queer group, he-she stages her suicides as performance art and XR pieces. Her art is often heavily political, and he-she works to disseminate it in the Inner System.

  • Mason Wang

    Originally a Martian after the Fall, he quickly got tired of the hypercorporate grind. Wang works mainly with program art centered around mathematical beauty, which most find alien, but appealing. He is famous for designing the Amoeba AI.

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